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Fraser Nash Bespoke Car Hood

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Most Car Hood Fitters and Trimmers will agree with us when we say thatg most of our '9 to 5' consists of trimming the likes of Vauxhall Astras, VW Beetles or Mazda MX5's. On occasion we get a nice 1970's classic mid way through a restoration to trim, but last week saw a unusual vehicle grace our factory floor.

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Oxted Trimming Company Invest in New Machinery

Posted in: Oxted Trimming
Recession or not, Oxted Trimming Company (OTC) have been around long enough (since 1972 to be precise) to know that you need to carry on spending in a recession or economic downturn. We also know that this is when the best bargains are to be had.

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Car Hoods - Repair or Replace?

Posted in: European Trimming
It's a recession and whilst we fully expected a slow down in hood sales which actually didn't really materialise too much, we were and have been compensated in our sister Company, European Trimming Company, by an increase in Car Hood Repairs.

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