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Car Hoods - Repair or Replace?

Posted in: European Trimming
By Russ
Apr 30, 2009 - 10:34:48 AM

It's a recession and whilst we fully expected a slow down in hood sales which actually didn't really materialise too much, we were and have been compensated in our sister Company, European Trimming Company, by an increase in Car Hood Repairs.

In particular, our trimmers are reporting an increase in Toyota Celica and Porsche 996 hoods - don't ak us why, but that's the story.

If your vehicle need's a 'make do' repair - either inside the vehicle to a seat or upholstery, or on the soft top roof, one of the Oxted Group's specialist companies - European Trimming or Oxted Trimming, will probably be able to help - and it needn't cost the earth either!