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Fraser Nash Bespoke Car Hood

Posted in: Oxted Trimming
By Russell
Jun 18, 2009 - 2:05:39 PM

Most Car Hood Fitters and Trimmers will agree with us when we say thatg most of our '9 to 5' consists of trimming the likes of Vauxhall Astras, VW Beetles or Mazda MX5's. On occasion we get a nice 1970's classic mid way through a restoration to trim, but last week saw a unusual vehicle grace our factory floor.

Called a "Fraser Nash" (Chain Gang), this particular vehicle was more mint that our MD's 4 year old Audi....despite being several decades older!  The brief for the project was to trim, from scratch a brand new, custom made hood in 'Double Duck' mohair.

The job took 2 of our best trimmers 2 days to prepare, measure, cut, machine and fit the new roof. The end result, which was not far from how the original would have looked is now a credit to both the car's owner (As it enhances the rest of the fanantically maintained bodywork) and also our own trimmers.

Photo's of the work will be forthcoming on our new and upcoming Oxted Trimming Company website.