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Oxted Trimming Company Invest in New Machinery

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By Russell
Apr 30, 2009 - 9:29:18 AM

Recession or not, Oxted Trimming Company (OTC) have been around long enough (since 1972 to be precise) to know that you need to carry on spending in a recession or economic downturn. We also know that's when the best bargains are to be had.

That's why, 2 weeks ago, we invested a hefty 5 figure sum in purchasing some of the latest cutting machinery for our Oxted Factory. The machine was so large, it had to be delivered under Police escort on the back of a Artic trailer, accompanied by a 2nd trailer with swing crane.  The whole of Amy Road (the front entrance to our factory) was closed for around 3 hours whilst the skilled crane operators, electricians and machinery experts manouvered the new piece of kit from flatbed to factory floor.

New Cutting Machinery for Oxted TrimmingOur biggest problem was fitting the machine through our factory doors and to the rear of the building. We ended up actually angle grinding (cutting) out our metal steelwork housing the shutter and steel door to allow the load through, before hastily re-welding the metalwork later in the day before hometime.

Oxted Group Ltd, parent to Oxted Trimming, beleive that our investment in advanced technology not only makes us more productive and efficient as a company, but also now more affordable (we can produce some manufacturing work with a 20% time saving and precise cutting marks, rather than rely on manual marking and cutting with potential mistakes that can harbour...)

If you would like to know more about Oxted Groups investment in environmentally friendly technology or even to visit our factory to see for yourself, please call us in 01883 712112.